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The Ebon Hawk
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New member? Great! Welcome aboard! Read below, please.

Szaki, May 1, 13 12:28 AM.
The process to gain full membership is simple and takes roughly two weeks unless the Council decides otherwise.

Step 1:  Fill in an application

Step 2:  Post a brief story bio of your character on the forums here.

Step 3:  Be active in the guild whether ICly or OOC, in game as well as on the forums (if able).

Step 4: Coordinate a date/time to do an interview with Szaki and Vladeis to establish how you came to join us ICly.

Step 5:  Promotion to Disciple!  Yay!

Stygian Disciples is being resurrected!

Szaki, Apr 25, 13 9:21 PM.
So we are gearing up for another run of this guild.  The guild was initially created in December, 2011.  Considering the game was released a few days prior, it was the largest and longest running heavy RP guild on Kathound (now Ebon Hawk).  Since we are still around, I hope that we can be great again and a force to be reckoned with amidst the Empire.  The reason we are rebuilding is because we were created on a low-population server and when it was offered for our server to move to another for free most of our members took it.  Since then it appears Kathound has been merged with Ebon Hawk so here we are.
Shadows speak
"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken." -The Sith Code

While Ancient Sith Lords such as Naga Sadow and Exar Kun rose to infamy and were feared throughout the galaxy, one Dark Lord of the Sith was ignored. Forgotten. Not even a footnote or worth mentioning in any Holocrons.

His name was Darth Stygias. 

Darth Stygias conquered no worlds. He led no massacres. He did not instill a profound fear into the masses. He ascended to his title, and apparently vanished without a trace. But deception and patience have always been tools of the Sith, even if Fate itself conspires against them. Stygias discovered a ritual that embodied the Force itself, and offered the participants exponentially increasing power, but at a cost.

The 'Stygian Ritual' bound its users together in more than a simple Force bond. Rather, it was a Force Channel. Gathering a small cult around him, they fed off of eachother's power to grow stronger. The more individuals brought into the ritual, the more raw power to work with, but the more unstable. Such a power breeds ambition, and instability, and it took only one apprentice to become too power-hungry, and break the chains that empowered and bound him to the other Stygians. The ensuing explosion destroyed Stygias and his secret disciples, and his secrets would lie hidden, unknown, lost under the sands of Tatooine for ages...

...until now.

With the rise of the Sith Empire and its drastic expansions, a group, by chance or Fate, found Stygian's long-buried enclave, and his teachings. So it was that the ancient Sith Lord's controversial teachings were brought to surface, and implemented again. The new Stygian Disciples continue Stygias' rituals, bringing in more members, empowering them while empowering themselves, always dancing the fine line between increasing's one own power without breaking the bonds and causing another catastrophe.

Ambitions rise. Power grows. The Sith Empire is stronger than ever, but only time will tell if the Stygian Disciples will be the Empire's greatest weapon, or its new rulers in time. The rest, is up to you.

*                                           *                                                     *
Welcome to The Stygian Disciples' web page. We are a guild looking to grow with the players and give many of them the ability to shape how the guild transforms. Many guilds pre set rules and conditions for their players to conform to. I believe, having been a guild master and guild member in the past, that the players should have the say as to how the guild grows. (Within reason of course). I would like to welcome each and every one of you into our family and hope we grow to be stronger than the emperor. Hail the shadows, our only solace.

-Lady Szaki
-Lord Vladeis
-Lady Rhiavi (Inactive)

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